The best way to help children is to give welfare to their families

Many countries are now in a difficult situation because the cost to government of welfare is not affordable.

We believe that the ageing population using more services has increased this burden and as all governments need taxation to fund it they face at the same time with a declining birth rate. There isn't enough workers paying tax. In some countries the problems increase. China's one-child policy was stopped recently but the size of the population capable of increasing the number of children is too small to make a difference

This change in demographics seems small but it does affect the economy. What happens is that with more aged people and less babies the end result is a smaller population. In a country like Japan with its manufacturing expertise factories are unable to obtain local workforce. Either the government allows more foreign workers or the factories move to a country with more available workers.

In this process many people are finding life difficult and expensive and countries are finding it very difficult to find enough money and service. Japan is becoming a society of haves and have nots but the government is aware of this crisis because the welfare of residents is declining

The main areas affected by these changes are children and the aged

The number of Japanese children live below the poverty line, according to Japan's Health Ministry statistics is now 16% Unfortunately among single-parent families poverty rates are reaching up to 55% with some areas worse than others.

All governments especially Japan need to concentrate of the best possible solution without increasing the tax burden on employed people.

Jane's team offer solutions that avoid the usual response of separating mothers from their children.

All parents struggling on lack of employment regardless of how much money they have or what level of education all have a common human experience that brings them together.

Our recommendation is to bring a group of struggling parents and a few aged persons  together and make them all work together as a team.  We will describe how this works with an apartment block. However it is also possible for the group to use their own accommodation provided that they are reasonably close together. Some with larger houses given compensation for sharing.

A purpose built apartment block to accommodate parents with 1 or more dependent children and older people could be designed to include shared facilities. The overall coast to government would be affordable as the group's status would change dramatically (more parents able to obtain employment).

Concept based on similar structures used in one building or grouped accommodation.

  • Each room
    • To have simple facilities for bedrooms, home cooking and bathroom/toilets
  • Shared facilities
    • Automatic telephone exchange with families only having to pay for their own calls or each family provided with a cell phone
    • Committee to be selected for group management and shopping.
      • Individuals to place shopping order and bulk buying benefits passed to families.
      • maintenance of all structures/services to be controlled by the committee
    • Central laundry with washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities
    • First aid centre with a doctor/nurse on regular visits or on call
    • Sewing room and craft room
    • Computer room with adequate services plus printing facilities.
      • Families could use for job searches and applications.
      • Children for education
    • Common room with library
      • Self improvement
    • Child minding centre
      • Those unemployed could be minders (welfare compensated)
    • Education class rooms
      • Children, adults
    • Enclosed courtyard for children play area
    • Reception area or one building set aside for such purposes
      • Visitor reception (for families to meet business or government visitors)
      • Welfare workers
      • If a centre was designed for parents refuge from a domestic violence situation more security would be considered.