aims and objectives

There is one danger that the world is not solving and that is sexual assault. We make our main objectives to be the Defender of truth, justice & fairness and the Protector of the Innocent and to build an exciting new path for the world to follow.

This modern program tackles the growing problems of Innocents who are vulnerable members of a family or already victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of race, colour, features, dress, gender, or age.

Our program is designed to motivate all levels of society to lift their response to this most personal of all crimes and to for us all to work together to stop sexual violence.

The time is now to take action and already it is possible to see governments moving to make changes. Some of our work is being done direct with governments and have old laws changed, or to make laws where none exists. Some work is being done with the professional such as Doctors, Police, Lawyers and Judges but the hardest part is to educate so many people in Society. Everyone needs to learn how to be safe. We all know the world has become more dangerous therefore we are building educational resources to help all of us understand our objectives on how solve problems and avoid risks

We have producing our 21st Century Family Survival Guide to help families to understand, in simple terms, where there are risks and provide some suggestions on how to be safe. Some parts of this are on-line already.

There is much to be done and we expect many people to work with us. Many minds working together helps reach our goal

Imagine a World without Rape