our principles

Our principles are the basic or core precepts that guide our organisation in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or the top management.

These are:

  • Respect

    • To demonstrate our principles in our work and insure all personnel show respect to others even if we do not agree with their point of view.
  • Always give a reason why anything needs to be changed.

    • For example: "Make it possible for people who have never reported that they have been sexually assaulted because silence is a benefit to the predators and governments do not know the size of the problem"
  • Imagine the best possible outcome and work towards that goal even if it may not be completed.

    • For example "We Imagine a world without sexual assault"
  • To not provide legal, medical or other professional advice:

    • It is every person’s right to live their life free of violence and when violence occurs it is their right to receive compassionate, professional assistance from everyone necessary in their recovery and full redress for the crime through the criminal justice system.
    • The organisation to only provide information to enable people to make their own decision.
    • Where possible we will try to provide a list of professional that a person can contact.
  • To provide a non-government private organisation that has strict security.

    • Victims can be assured of confidentiality in any discussion with us.
    • To ensure this every person within our organisation that has contact with anyone outside of our organisation is required to pass strict enrolment requirements and be trained.
  • To defend the Truth and Justice. Apply the rule of fairness to disputes.

  • To uphold the law but also report problems within the law

    • To work closely with governments and governments' agencies and when we see problems in existing laws and system of justice bring them to their attention.
    • Lawmakers understand that not all laws can remain valid over time and respect well presented observations of the need to change.
    • Also new laws need to be written and again lawmakers respect contributions from society.
    • For example "It is not against the law to collect photographs and many do this as a hobby, but when these are photographs  of naked children being distributed by paedophiles then laws need to be introduced.