• Day of Innocence Concert

    Celebrating our Day of Innocence we are having a Concert Let's have some fun and enjoy the guest performances on…

  • 017

    Artwork by Catherine JANE Fisher

    I Am Catherine Jane by Catherine Jane Fisher Catherine Jane Fisher emerges finally as an authentic woman who refused to…

  • The Buck Stops Here Catherine Jane Fisher continues her truth about justice

    The Buck Stops Here Catherine Jane Fishe

    Award Winning grassroots truth advocate Catherine Jane Fisher, Empowertarian, declared “The buck stops here” at her speech at Yale University.…

  • IMG_4447

    Jane “Life treasure” art to support Okin

    Jane’s art exhibition Life Treasure (人生の宝物) and her art conveys peace and love. For nearly two decades Jane has been a…

  • WildChina

    Natural beauty images by Haijing

         Natural beauty images used on this website are created by Haijing    

  • First book

    Images of Catherine Jane Fisher journey

    Here are a few images of Catherine Jane Fisher and her long journey For nearly 2 decades Catherine was recovering…

  • “The Power of One”: 60 Minut

    Catherine Jane Fisher is one brave woman by taking on the Japanese and the American governments in her search for…

  • Random Acts of Kindness worldwide trend

    Simple random acts of kindness bring great joy and a determination to help others