Corporate Volunteers

Plan for successful partnerships or Joint Venture between Non-profits and Corporate Volunteers

We look forward to working with many Japanese Corporations and Non-Japanese business organisations that have become International and fully Globalised.

Usually not much thought is given to planning when Corporate Volunteers (CV) enter into an arrangement to work with an NPO and therefore these do not always deliver on expectations

In any Joint Venture (JV) it is important to evaluate the needs of both parties and develop a strategic plan, defining goals and examining relative strengths and weaknesses and sort out problems that may arise. There are without doubt financial and corporate benefits and again these need to be examined to ensure that there is a mutual benefit.

Usually the main Attraction is that the CV is seen as a HR benefit to the NPO but in consideration of the different roles the CV staff may not find the work provided to be of little interest or of no personal value and feel they are there because of an obligation to perform. Some jobs done by the NPO require specialist training and it is possible that the CV staff is unable to do these, leading to a situation where  the NPO provides-non-essential work just to keep the CV staff busy. On the other hand the NPO volunteers may lack some of the skills needed to manage. Thus we recommend considering the “Transfer of Knowledge” protocol.

The JV plan should include constant executive review examining expectations with actual outcomes together with grass-level  feedback from all concerned will lead to great results.

We list below a basic structure that can be used as a framework for cooperation however we  emphasise that every JV is different and that we are flexible preferring a simple plan based on trust and mutual understanding.

Please consider partnering with us

GOALS What are the goals and how best to meet them
HUMAN RESOURCES Supply of Resource At times unable to provide work Discussion on skill requirements and matching
HR Skills Skills may differ Skills may differ
COMPANY SKILLS Values and visions and influences within corporate structure Values and Vision focus on outcomes to Participants of their efforts. Emphasising on effect Review together with motivation, knowledge transfer and HR
MOTIVATION Profit Mostly Philosophical NPO are meant to be operated similar to For Profit Organisations
KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER New CV personnel to become part of the Impact of NPO Mission Both to Include training for those interested in CV or NPO work
REPUTATION Possible misuse of NPO logo, or activities CV to use the NPO for marketing Agree on use
COST Supply of HR a benefit Examination of roles and responsibilities
Expenses of JV Expenses of JV