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  Main Purpose covered by our services

  • To provide knowledge to educate Society of the danger of becoming a victim, or how to best help any person that has become a victim of Family Abuse and or Sexual Violence
  • To support victims, particularly woman and children to address impacts of violence on them
  • To coordinate community and government Responses to Family Abuse and Sexual Violence.
  • To demonstrate the facts and destroy myths and misconceptions about sexual assault
  • If asked by Survivors to assist them to make perpetrators accountable and to for Victims  to obtain full redress for the crime or crimes through the Justice System
  • Evaluate continually and measure success of strategies, policies, programs and services introduced. Use this information to constantly update to improve outcomes
  • Work closely with Government and government Agencies

Main purpose is based on the following

  • It is important to maintain absolute confidentiality of any person seeking services or personal assistance. Our role being to provide factual information for them to make their own choice.
  • We recognise that there is a difference between victims and survivors. Children being abused continuously are still victims. So too are those suffering in silence. Survivors are victims that are seeking help or coping using information readily available to them.
  • Victims of Family violence, or victims of rapists or paedophiles or other similar crimes usually do not know what to do. It is common for them to remain silent but when they do decide to disclose their information they often do not receive good advice. Many receive advice or responses that fail to identify the level of risk they face or the type of expert assistance they may require, or simply try to minimise their experience.
  • It is every person’s right to live their life free of criminal violence and when such violence occurs it is their right to receive compassionate, professional services and assistance in their recovery and full redress for the crime through the criminal justice system.
  • That individual citizens are always protected by the law
  • It is also their right to not seek legal retribution, however although a Victim doesn’t wish to prosecute the legal system may operate independently as a crime has been committed.
  • The main factors why Victims do not report and remain silent are:
    • Negative reaction from police or other professionals leading to a belief that giving more information would be a waste of time
    • Negative Social pressures reinforces self-blame feelings
    • Negative reactions that make victims doubt whether their experiences were a crime.