• I am we are Australian but some call Jap

    We are Australians provides a moving account of the history of Australia from its first people to the multicultural country…

  • Society breaks the silence – We ar

    It is a new era, with our generation, that we begin to uplift each other, inspire and empower.

  • 今こそ社会が”沈黙”を破る時 – 私たちはあ

    今こそ社会が''沈黙''を破る時 - 私たちはあなたの味方です 。

  • David Beckham: Violence can mark childre

    Tattoos are marks that often represent special memories, but millions of children bear marks they have not chosen - and…

  • Breaking News: USA and JAPAN meetings to

    SOFA: Status of Forces Agreement representatives in secret meetings with Japanese Government proves very little changes

  • Foreign Correspondent’s Club

    Jane is the Guest Speaker at the FCC in Tokyo

  • Break the Silence

    When you stop watching this video again and again you will realise that there are people everywhere that know the…


    Perkins Coie - Pro Bono Legal Assistance in USA Result Believed to be First Case in Which a Foreign Judgement for Rape…

  • Jane comments: Rapes by US military just

    Protesters have rallied in Tokyo after an American military worker confessed to killing a young Japanese woman. The former US…