• Jane in Okinawa first to break the silen

    Research shows that most rapes are not reported to anyone. One factor relating to this is the misconception that most…

  • It makes a difference to those saved

    Jane's Team is limited  in resources. Just like a child helping the stranded starfish we know that those we do…

  • Day of Innocence

     No one loses their innocence. It is either taken away from them or given freely

  • Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue

    Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it&

    Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called "women’s issues.” But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out…

  • Queensland Australia police catching on-

    Queensland Police issue warnings to parents to remain vigilant following the recent arrest of two men for allegedly intending to meet…

  • From Yokosuka rape to U.S. court victory

    It’s not easy to put my entire life out there for people to see. But I do hope, with this…

  • Sexual Terrorists Exposed

    There is very little difference between a military terrorist and the sexual terrorist. Some terrorists convince young man and woman…

  • Rape is not OK

    Rape is not OK

  • Sexual Harassment Explained

    What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual Harassment explained.