precise and impartial approach

The Protectors of the Innocent Campaign is supported by the Defenders of Truth (#dotJane)

It is also supported by anyone in any country who agree to be Protectors of innocents around the world and help coordinate changes needed to protect all persons from sexual predators.

Protector’s role

To ensure Truth, Justice, Fairness is available to Innocents

To provide knowledge to educate Society of the danger of becoming a victim and, or how to best help any person that has become a victim of Family Abuse and or Sexual Violence

To educate society, government, government agencies, law-makers and the Judiciary  to ensure that unfair laws be changed and untruths removed.

To coordinate community and government Reponses to Family Abuse and Sexual Violence

To demonstrate the facts and destroy myths and misconceptions about sexual assault

Work closely with Government and government Agencies

To provide absolute security and strict confidence to persons seeking advice.

To help “silent” victims to become empowered because Silence is the friend of predators


21st Century solutions needed

Rape is a global problem.

The greatest pandemic to date was the Spanish flu which spread in 1918 and is estimated to have infected a third of the world's population at the time and caused approximately 50 million deaths. Recently, every Nation has been slow to respond  quickly to COVID 19 pandemic.

Sexual  and physical violence has been a global pandemic been spreading all over the world for hundreds of years, out of control and affecting everyone.  Despite billions of dollars invested the problem lack a solution

This COVID 19 pandemic has seen large increase in child abuse, domestic violence, (and deaths as a direct result) regardless of age, gender, race, colour, or social status. Just like disease it attacks everyone. Does anyone care or are they to busy solving the economic future

Isn't time we all worked together to control this criminal activity? We need more help from real people and as the numbers of victims are increasing we need some help with money.

Our Starting point is Japan and part of our multi-point plan solutions is below and throughout this website. Team Jane questions everything and brings 21st Century technology and decades of human thinking to solve problems.  Allowing 98% of Rapists to escape Justice and Domestic violence to be ignored until someone is dead is absolutely unacceptable.