Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Criminal Justice Survey

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Criminal Justice Survey - Confidential

We are building a Multi-point Plan to combat the world epidemic of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. We believe that it is every person’s right to live their life free of criminal violence and when such violence occurs it is their right to receive compassionate, professional assistance in their recovery and full redress for the crime through a fair and unbiased criminal justice system.

This survey is VERY CONFIDENTIAL and is designed for "silent" people.

We DO  NOT require names or contact details and rather than an exact date we just ask for just the year. Your individual internal self of being a man or a woman is important because although the majority of sexual assaults are by men attacking women there are many rape victims who are not women.

This survey is important because it will help develop our multi-point plan

Please complete all items. Some items may be Not Applicable however please type in NA into any box you do not have anything to say.

Is this about you, or about your children, or someone else?
What year did the Assault happen?
Was it sexual violence (Rape)?
What country?
Were you a resident or visitor?
Are you male, female or other
How old were you at that time?
How many times were you assaulted?
If you are not safe, or still in an abusive situation, would you be interested in a "SAFE HOUSE"?
Was the perpetrator(s) related to you?
If yes then please state relationship status
Did you tell anyone? Example a Parent or family member, a friend, the police, your doctor
If you didn’t tell anyone please say why
If you told anyone were you satisfied with their response?
If no please explain why
Is there anything you would like to share with us that will help us help other people?
type in answer

Thank you for completing this form. With your help and the help of all Victims, our Organisation's Multi-point plan will make an Impact on the future.