Defenders of Truth, Justice, Fairness Protecting Innocents

In all of my work since I was raped in 2002 just four words became the foundation of my survival.

As a victim, I was not believed by the police when I reported to them, I received no Justice and everything people did to me was simply not fair. Apart from my family there was no-one to Protect me. Later when I found out about the SOFA, an agreement that gives amazing benefits to servicemen many things fell into place. The Japanese government was controlled by this agreement, the rapist didn’t flee from my court case against him because he was discharged and sent home.

The website is designed to present you with many facts that make sense and discuss the key elements required in the future of the world. Society has changed so much and despite a rapid increase in technology and access to information we find that basic  day to day safety is not as good as before.  Those who used to be protecting us are now found to be possible suspects. We used to believe to go to the police for help and then we see some of them commit crimes. We used to be told, as children, to not trust strangers but now, as we learn that most victims of sexual crimes are not strangers but people known to them and these bad people are everywhere. What can we say to children today when we read about someone killing a lot of innocent people because of a religious belief, or for no reason at all,  or when one married person kills their partner, or a father lends his daughter to his friend for sex after he has abused her himself, or a baby sitter neighbor abuses your child?

I and my Teams are Defenders and we Protect the Innocents

Basic elements Truth, Justice, Fairness & Protection

We cannot sit back and do nothing. As we find problems in our lives we all have to demand Fairness be applied and Justice  provided in accordance with establishing what is correct and according to the Law. If the Law is wrong we will work towards having lawmakers understand why they must change

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Jane, Founder and Leader of all Teams