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Our Associates and Volunteers using real data from survivors to create comprehensive collective experience to get to the point and provide real answers
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We concentrate on providing universal solutions to global problems and adjust these to suit different countries and eventually multi-lingual
Research allows us to update programs and services to modernise rapidly in this rapidly changing world with the aim of building a world without sexual assault
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2017Thank you to all of the new visitors on every continent to our website. I hope you have found some information of interest to you personally.

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2017 is the Year we all begin to feel safe.

We have commenced  programs designed to educate society on facts and as quickly as possible get rid of old-fashioned thinking and make sure everyone of us reach out to help victims. The whole world needs to work together because we cannot expect somebody else to solve the very serious problems of sexual assaults, child abuse and domestic violence.  We feel sad that so many people watching us from areas of conflict are unable to receive help and your days are long. We hope that one day something will be available to help.

Breaking the Silence

Already Jane’s Team are out in the street interviewing people. It is a simple question that will make you think. Someone you know very well tells you some very personal information. They tell you that they have been raped. What would you say to them? You can send us a short video clip or make a comment on the Preview or where you live. Your comments will be published but not who you are (see our privacy policy link below). One of our team said that sometimes is better not to say anything. Just hold them tight in your arms. We all care about you.

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