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Predator’s victims are innocents: Jane, Defender of truth, justice & fairness: Protector of the Innocent
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We concentrate on providing universal solutions to global problems and adjust these to suit different countries and eventually multi-lingual
Research allows us to update programs and services to modernise rapidly in this rapidly changing world with the aim of building a world without sexual assault

Jane, Defender of truth, justice & fairness: Protector of the Innocent.


I am Jane

On the 2017 International Day of Families I have commenced an exciting new path for every family in the world to follow.

We all have a family and or friends and want them to be safe.

Many years ago, we used to feel safe and secure in our home however the reality is that now the world has become a more dangerous place. The problem is that the people who run our countries haven’t been able to keep up with the change.


Although more people are daring to speak about sexual assault and changes are being made slowly we still see every day the increase of violence against men, women and children. This is an awful tragedy.  It is time to change the current system because it is not effective.

Another tragedy is if we do not let society know what we know then society will continue to do nothing.

Everyone must be told the Truth and adapt modern realities by learning lessons from the past, removing things that don't work and becoming defenders of truth, justice & fairness and protectors of the Innocent. Without us all working together, sexual predators are, without doubt, going to repeat their crimes again and again.

The enemy of innocence are predators.

  • Innocents (specific to Jane’s mission)
    • Victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of race, colour, features, dress, gender, or age.
    • Innocents are not strangers. They are part of someones family.
  • Protector’s role
    • To ensure Truth, Justice, Fairness is available to Innocents
    • To provide knowledge to educate Society of the danger of becoming a victim and, or how to best help any person that has become a victim of Family Abuse and or Sexual Violence
    • To educate society, government, government agencies, law-makers and the Judiciary that unfair laws be changed and untruths removed.
    • To coordinate community and government Responses to Family Abuse and Sexual Violence
    • To demonstrate the facts and destroy myths and misconceptions about sexual assault
    • Work closely with Government and government Agencies
    • To provide absolute security and strict confidence to persons seeking advice.
    • Empower “silent” victims to become an Empowertarian

I am Jane.

Defender of truth, justice & fairness: Protector of the Innocent.

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