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Predator’s victims are innocents: Jane, Defender of truth, justice & fairness: Protector of the Innocent
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We concentrate on providing universal solutions to global problems and adjust these to suit different countries and eventually multi-lingual
Research allows us to update programs and services to modernise rapidly in this rapidly changing world with the aim of building a world without sexual assault



I am Jane

Wow, It's already mid January.  Lots of things to do this year. How did your new year resolutions go. Did you keep them?

We have, for many years, helped innocent Victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of race, color, features, dress, gender, or age working on the principle that it is every person’s right to live their life free of sexual violence and when such violence occurs it is their right to receive compassionate, professional assistance in their recovery and full redress for the crime through the criminal justice system.

We have, as promised, changes and concentrating on prevention.

Our research has shown that the biggest factor preventing major change is Rape Culture that is how sexual violence is accepted as normal and tolerated by society. This involvement by society has been in existence for millennia and it is well documented throughout history. In this 21st Century problem most of society learn and perpetuate myths and misunderstanding and modern media assist in its distribution. No other crime has so much victim blaming. No other crime has so many people remaining silent and they will never say #MeToo until the world is a safer place where they can find someone to believe them and support their need for the Truth to be told, Justice given and to be treated Fairly. #Youshouldtoo

How are we going to do that?

Some information will be on this website but most will be restricted being available BY EMAIL ONLY  to those interested in making such changes to register with us. Please send your name and email address to us with the subject 2018 PROJECT using this email address


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